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About Educare Learning Centre

Educare Learning Centre and child services is a daycare and language school with after-school and weekend programs available to help your children successfully make Arabic a second language. We also provide programs focusing on Islamic and translating the Quran

You might be surprised to learn that Arabic has heavily influenced several languages, including English. Your child can practice his or her Arabic pronunciation and dialects with our helpful guidance. Contact Educare Learning Centre Corp. for more information about our Arabic classes in Edmonton. Children can learn Arabic at their own pace with our professional assistance.

Educare Learning Centre at a Glance
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Our daycare provides high quality child care with Islamic environment and teachings..!

Aicha Deira — Head of Educare

Upcoming Events

Educare learning is arranging a new event especially for the month of Ramadan…. 

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum creates an atmosphere of exploration and wonder, coupled by rich social opportunities discovered through play.  In partnership with children and parents, we work to promote an emergent curriculum which develops and enhances the child’s competence, identity and acceptance of others.  Our practices provide valuable learning experiences for children which promotes meaningful and respectful relationships between the child, family, teacher and environment through careful observation, thought-provoking exchanges and mindful documentation. 


Day Care

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Evening Classes

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Weekend Classes

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Art Activity

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Kids Life and Activities

Learning Islamic Studies and Quran

In our day care we are take care of specially Islamic studies and Learning Quran and understanding the Islamic beliefs at the early stage of the kids

Outdoor Fun

When we have a please whether, we will take our kids to outside of the daycare to enjoy the sunlight and do outdoor fun activities

Art Activities

We encourage the kids to do some art activities, so that they can find their interest at the early stage of life.