Educare Learning & Childcare Services

Educare Learning Centre and child services is a daycare and language school with after-school and weekend programs available to help your children successfully make Arabic a second language. We also provide programs focusing on Islamic studies and translating the Quran.

You might be surprised to learn that Arabic has heavily influenced several languages, including English. Your child can practice his or her Arabic pronunciation and dialects with our helpful guidance. Contact Educare Learning Centre Corp. for more information about our Arabic classes in Edmonton. Children can learn Arabic at their own pace with our professional assistance.

Our daycare provides high quality child care with Islamic environment and teachings..!

Aicha Deira — Head of Educare
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To ensure that all of the children that we are privileged to care for, receive the guidance and the nurturing they require, in preparation for the years to follow. We also help kids to ensure that they have proper Islamic Knowledge.

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We believe in providing a cozy, safe, nurturing and beautiful classroom environment for young children where they are given the autonomy to explore indoors or outdoors and given long periods of uninterrupted play.

We believe in providing an environment that is rich in emergent literacy and representational art.

We believe in providing a wealth of open-ended materials in which we can explore with our senses, build and construct, organize and design, and collaborate and share our ideas with others